Ipswich Events Corporation

The Events Corp is committed to offering an improved community lifestyle by presenting events and promotions that celebrate community spirit, cultivate local talents and activate public spaces.

Additionally, these events and promotions provide market leverage opportunities in retail, business and tourism towards improved economic growth through patronage and increased visitation to the city of Ipswich.

Whilst delivering a deliberate campaign of events and promotions through the Ipswich Central annual marketing program, the Events Corp manages Ipswich's major events of the Ipswich Festival, Mayor's Carols and New Year's Eve celebrations. Throughout the year, the Events Corp works closely with the Ipswich City Council and negotiates with the business community and local organisations to deliver target specific events that present capabilities to improve the positive identity of the city of Ipswich.

Ipswich City Council

Core Funding for the Ipswich Events Corporation is provided by the Ipswich City Council and is further supplemented by sponsorship and in kind support from the business, community, corporate and government sectors.

Ipswich Festival

The Ipswich Festival is the city's premier event showcasing nationally acclaimed artists and emerging local talents through the presentation of specialised community activities and diverse cultural artistic programs.

The Ipswich Festival has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. The Festival has transformed into a highly regarded, region specific event that delivers a program which represents the city's talents, arts, culture and history. Along the way, the Festival has inspired and cultivated home-grown artists and intrinsically nurtured the theatre and arts culture within Ipswich.

The Ipswich Festival ignites a bold relationship between Ipswich's cultural heritage and talent with a rich program of innovative, artistic and traditionally inspired events. Spectators can enjoy a program which predominantly offers free entry and participation whilst bringing to the city's stage an increased number of nationally acclaimed artists and performers.

The Ipswich Festival presents a program of community events featuring jazz, blues, opera, pop, multicultural, children's activities and workshops, street party and parade, arts exhibitions, theatre, fireworks, bike rides, golf days and a host of special interest group displays and community activities. To find out more about the Ipswich Festival please visit ipswichfestival.com.au

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Ipswich Central

Ipswich Central is the inner-city's commercial and cultural heart of Ipswich city, presenting a vibrant hub of shops and open-air malls; galleries, public spaces and parklands; antiques and coffee shops, set amongst the historic buildings and churches, along the meandering Bremer River.

Ipswich Central encapsulates four target-specific precincts which are defined by their geographic position within the city of Ipswich:

  • Ipswich City Square and City Centre
  • Riverlink Shopping Centre
  • Top of Town
  • Downtown

The Ipswich Events Corporation (Events Corp) works closely with the Ipswich Central retailers, business managers and Ipswich City Council to promote Ipswich Central as a 'destination' through the delivery of collaborative marketing and communication initiatives throughout the year.

These initiatives aim to encourage community patronage of Ipswich Central through its unique offer of niche retail precincts, galleries and public spaces, services and businesses. Throughout the year the Events Corp presents events and activities in support of its marketing initiatives to activate Ipswich Central as a lifestyle destination. Annual events include the Ipswich Festival Markets (April) Carnival Fun Day in the Mall (August), Ipswich Fashion Festival (October), the school-based Resources4Courses community program and Christmas celebrations. The Events Corp also produces high quality catalogues and brochures that highlight the product mix of retail, services and businesses within the precinct areas. These include the Top of Town and Downtown Brochures and Ipswich Central seasonal catalogues.

Food Lovers Safari 2016

Experience Ipswich Christmas 2016

To find out more about Ipswich Central please visit ipswichcentral.com.au

Ipswich Central Map

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